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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Predictions

Bagaholic Babe's Fashion Prediction for Spring/Summer 2008:

  • Exotics : it's safe to say that Exotic skins such as Croc and Python are very 'big' come Spring/Summer 2008, perhaps even bigger than they are now, usually during the F/W seasons. As we saw in our New York Fashion Week 'It Bag' List Exotics, too, primarily made up the 'It List' in NY.

  • Clutches: Everyone seems to be doing Clutches, be it oversized, Exotic, Evening or your regular clutch. In fact, Fendi's entire collection shown at Fashion Week for S/S '08 solely of Clutches.

  • MultiColours: Most of the 'It' Designers are doing the Multicoloured thing, be it in the form of Artsy Prints, or just a plethora of colours on the same bag. Yes, some don't look too bad, but others look distasteful and as I mentioned before in the Prada post, rather jesterly. Of course, sometimes colours that wouldn't normally 'match' can turn out into something nice, but you'd think that after years of experience, the designers would know better than to choose colours that clash instead of complement each other. 'Nuff said.

  • Details: It's all in the detailing this S/S '08. Be it Sequins (ala Marc Jacobs and Chanel) , Gemstones and Jewels (Chanel and Valentino or Embroidery ( Bottega Veneta), whatever the details are, they're 'Big' this coming S/S.

  • Metallics: Don't toss out your Metallics just yet. Although Metallics seem to be waning in Spring/Summer 2008, there are still trace elements of Metallics be it in the detailing of the bags, or some standalone Metallic pieces in the collections from the 'It' Designers such as Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Valentino
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