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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prada F/W '09

Miuccia Prada never fails to "wow" its audience at every opportunity. Just last Spring, she drew her inspiration from the late 60s, early 70s era with artsy pieces. And just before that, in Fall '08, it was handmade lace. Every season is unique and fresh and this Fall is no different.

During an interview with early this month, Miuccia admitted she couldn't quite identify a central theme for the incoming Fall collection except that it would lean towards the nature and the outdoors rather than its usual focus on the city.

Totes and shoulder bags are a hit with the designers, as always.. as with gold hardware. This coming Fall, expect to find mostly triangular-shaped pieces in leather or fur. But of course, no collection is considered complete without the occasional sequins which have been part of most collections for many years now.

A tad bit boring on the whole with lots of plain, business-like shoulder bags which attracts the working crowd. A "feminine empowerment", as Miuccia calls it. And of course, no Fall collection is complete without some fur here and there. However, I'd term the collection as predictable. She could've really done better with the design for the clutches. Walk in to any bag shop today and tell me you don't see any fur clutches. They've been around forever and they look like what's been just introduced in the Fall '09 collection. But I must say, I give her the credit for putting together such a collection. Anything, at this stage, is better than what's been seen on Gucci.

Finding something I really like, at this stage, is like finding a needle in the haystack. But I'm glad to say I found something in the Fall '09 collection I might really like. See the bright pink clutch with sequins? That's the one.

Oh yah, did I mention I noticed some studs in the collection which was probably a spillover from last season's craze?

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