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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love It or Hate It : Tweed Mirrored Pouch

Balenciaga Tweed Mirrored Pouch

Check out this pouch from Balenciaga's Fall '07 collection. Made from tweed, the pouch comes with gold hardware, a granny purse lock and an extremely huge mirror. But why a huge mirror? In my opinion, the item is plain unpractical - especially when it doubles as a snap closure. You're bound to leave your finger prints on it, dust is bound to collect it, it's so fragile it could break if you're not careful and it isn't the best item to bring with you on a dinner date - with the spotlight shining on the mirror and it reflecting on you. Trust me, it does nothing for your skin!

The verdict: Hate it!

However, if you think otherwise, find out more at Balenciaga

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