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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Spotlight On: Patent Bags!

'Tis the season to be Patent!

Patent, Patent, and MORE patent. Patent handbags seems to be everywhere! Patent leather, due to its high lustre, was a material that was reserved for Special Occasions' bags, Festive Season bags and Evening Bags. This trend has drastically, and is now used on day bags and casual bags like totes, shoulder bags and satchels. All the designers seem to be obsessed with Patent Leather at the moment, an abundance of which are being sent down the runway, whether it was last season or this season -- from the YSL 'Muse', Chloe's 'Betty' and Fendi's Filagree/Plexi 'B' Buckle Bag... to Jimmy Choo and even the Burberry Novacheck!! Patents are here to stay!

However, for our local Malaysian weather, Patent bags might not be a little tricky. Due to the heat, Patent bags may be caused to 'crease' and crack... and the turn-off is that you gotta keep them squeaky clean, otherwise your bag'll be covered in fingerprints!!

But they're so pretty and shiny that most of us Bag obsessed creatures are willing to be a little bit of a slave to the handbag, right? I admit that this applies to me. hehe. I don't really care about the disadvantages, especially when living in a country like Malaysia. I still LOVE patent bags! It's so glossy, how can anyone resist?

Bagaholic babe is in love with this Pre-order Burberry Nautica tote in Novacheck and Red Patent Leather!

This Burberry tote retails at US$810 and can be pre-orderedat Saks Fifth Avenue Online

Jimmy Choo Patent Leather Bucket Bag in Dark Blue

Chloe 'Betty' Satchel

Fendi Filagree/Plexi Buckle Bag from the iconic 'B' Bag range designed by Karl Lagerfeld

And last, but definitely not least, yet another IT bag:

YSL 'Muse' bag in Patent Leather

All images from Net-a-Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue

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5 Fetishes Unleashed!:

Anonymous said...

The Burberry is absolutely gorgeous!!

lyn said...

i think the new chanel cabas is worth a mention too ;)

Bagaholic Babe said...

Lyn, are you talking about the oversized patent one?

If you are, I didn't mention that one cos it isn't really 'new'.

But will put it up if you want! ;)

If you're talking about the oversized patent, which one are you tlaking about?

Bagaholic Babe said...

Oh also, the Oversized Chanel shopper is made of vinyl tho... not patent... that's why i ahven't featured it!

Let me know which one it is!! And i'll be glad to put a pic of it up! ;)

handbaglover said...

Yes, i love the patent bags, they are shining and so fabulous. The Jimmy Choo Patent bag is my favorite one. The blue color is perfect, it's luxury but not so much sharp.