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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Spotlight On: Pucci Collaborations

A few days ago, I featured Pucci for Guerlain Cosmetics. It doesn't just stop there. Today, here's the spotlight on Pucci's Collaborations in the creation of everything from Pens, to Dolls and Toys.

Emilio Pucci by Omas Pens

Emilio Pucci and Italian pen maker Omas have joined forces in creating a special new writing pen, available in either Blue or Black ink. The pen is wrapped in Pucci's signature 'swirly' and graphic style. 3 versions are available, each using a base of graphic black and white, and punctuated with 2 other colour schemes: geranium-mint or peony-nile. Constructed with airbrushed, thermoplastic resin, the pen features a clean stell base that has been engraved with a simple 'O' signifying Omas.

It's being released in a Limited Edition series of 3,972 single certified pieces. This figure is actually signifcant to both the houses of Pucci and Omas, for it is the sum of both houses' founding dates: Emilio Pucci in 1947 and Omas in 1925.

Coquette Doll by Pucci

The Coquette is a doll designed by British artist, who has collaborated with Pucci to created a Limited Edition doll, dressed in an assortment of Pucci prints and fabric (Choose from 'Hawa', 'Lace', 'Dome', 'Amelie', 'Montalban', 'Leite', 'Hibiscus', 'Quadrifoglio' and 'Chad'). Each doll is individually handcrafted by the artist, Moth, utilising fabrics such as silk jersey. The dolls are filled with lavender, making them perfect for keeping your drawers and cabinets fresh!

They have been sold at Le Printemps in France, for a special 60th anniversary installation, and one has been sold for US$ 5000 at Unicef. They are available at all Pucci boutiques in Milan, Rome, London and Paris for US$300.

Emilio Pucci Qee Toy

Remember the Qee Toys that are seen in all the Tokidoki for LeSportsac Collections? Well, this time around, Pucci is one of the exlusive 10 fashion houses that will take part in a fundraising charity project: The limited edition of the Toy Fashion Tour, by Italian Artist Felice Limosani. 10 limited edition toys have been designed for Toys on . As a fundraising and charity project, Toys will be auctioned on eBay and proceeds are to go directly 'Telethon'.

Custom dressed by Pucci in the brand's iconic 'Vivara' print (shown), the Qee is a 60" toy.

For more info on all these Pucci Collaborations, Click Here!


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