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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love It or Hate It: Fendi Sequin and Wool Embellished Tote

This week's Love it or Hate It post features Fendi's Sequinned and Wool Embellished Tote from its Fall/Winter 2007 Collection.

I must admit that I was rather horrified when I saw this bag. I've always been and still am a total Fendi-holic, but this one is just unforgivable. The first thought that came to mind when I first laid my eyes upon it was that it looks like a hybrid between 2 types of birds - a cross between a turkey (represented by the scalloped bits in the middle) and a vulture (long woolly mop-like Afghan dog bits). Yes, those of you who regularly follow our blog might recall that I referred to one of the bags at Fendi's F/W '07 runway show at Fashion Week early this year as bearing a striking resemblance to holding a dead bird by the scruff of the neck. Well, the only difference between that one and this bag being featured today is that this one is a representation of not one but two dead birds...

However, there are some who have a very different opinion than mine. Net-a-Porter actually featured this bag in one of their Top 10 for Fall saying that it's "a statement bag with intricate, couture-like detailing. An essential for every Fendi lover." (emphasis added by Bagaholic Babe). Well I don't know if it's really couture-like detailing, but an essential for every Fendi lover?!?! *flabbergasted* Excuse me, I AM a Fendi lover but er, definitely very far from essential for me..

Priced at £3,309.36 and available via Net-a-Porter. Hm, honestly, I wouldn't even carry it if I was paid that price to carry it.

So, do you Love It or Hate It? We wanna hear from you!

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