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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Love It or Hate It? -- Fendi Woven Crossword Tote

Logo-Mania is back! But this time around, with a more futuristic twist. And Fendi isn't the only one doing this. Louis Vuitton achieved this similar futuristic logo look with their Fall-Winter 2006 'Miroir Collection in Metallic Gold and Silver. I think that for this sorta look, one will either LOVE it, or LOATHE it with a vengeance. I'm afraid Bagaholic Babe falls into the latter category.

Fendi Woven Crossword Tote

Made of Metallic Silver Patent Leather, is Fendi's tonal signature double F logo print on the front. The Bag is Called the 'Crossword' Tote because the leather is woven into huge squares, resembling that of a crossword puzzle. With a hanging logo charm, this space-age tote can be Pre-Ordered at Neiman Marcus for $2,230.

So tell Bagaholic Babe which category you belong to. Do you LOVE it, like BagObsessed Babe (co-author of this blog)? Or do you LOATHE (in other words, hate) it, like Bagaholic Babe?
Let us know what you think!

1 Fetishes Unleashed!:

BagObsessed Babe said...

I'm definitely lovin' it ;)