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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love It or Hate It: Christian Louboutin Assorted Detail Wristlet

Christian Louboutin Assorted Detail Wristlet

Featured on today's 'Love It or Hate It' is an item we picked out from Christian Louboutin. A brand name that's well known for its shoes, Christian Louboutin shows no less attention is paid to the design of its bags.

This time round, we're looking at a very colorful wristlet (red/white/teal/orange) that comes with leather trimming and cutout assorted details with glossy, clear covering. This wristlet with zip around closure opens up to fine leather lining with interior patch and zip pockets for extra storage.

And why's it under our 'Love It or Hate It' column, you say? Well, firstly, it's extremely bright colored.. a bright orange to be exact.. and lots of patches that looked as if it was a no-brainer bag and required no flair for designing whatsoever. No doubt, the use of good materials should receive credit of some sort but if it doesn't appeal to the general public, it will not reap good returns - which I certainly hope isn't the reason why it's on a 28% discount.

The Christian Louboutin Assorted Detail Wristlet is now priced at $499.99 and available via bluefly

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