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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Newsflash! -- Galliano Designs 12 Limited Edition Saddle Bags to commemorate his Decade at Dior

Hot off the Press!! As seen in this month's edition of Marie Claire (Malaysian Edition).

John Galliano's 'Saddle' Bag is his most iconic design to date.. And to to commemorate his 10-year tenure as Artistic/Creative Director at the House of Dior, Galliano launched a collection of 12 Limited Edition Saddle Bags , each inspired by a different country Galliano has, in his own words, "plundered".

Below are 3 Saddle Bags from Galliano's collection of 12 Limited Edition Saddle Bags

Dior Saddle Bag 'China' -- with embroidery of a majestic Chinese Dragon and Dragon themed strap and 'D' charm

Dior Saddle Bag 'Egypt'--with Gold and Black 'CD' Logo and 'D' charm to represent the Sphinx

Gold and Embellished, For the modern-day Cleopatra,

Dior Saddle Bag 'Spain'

With its Floral motif and tortoiseshell 'CD' logo and hanging 'D' charm, it resembles a traditional Spanish Dancer's shawl

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Jennifer said...

I love this! These bags are tdf <3