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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Love It or Hate It: Swarovski Crystal and Leather Handbag

I could hardly believe my eyes when I came across this bag. Look at the pic below and you'll understand why.

Inspired by modern architecture and intended to look as a work of art, this handcrafted leather and Swarovski crystal handbag is the result of this inspiration. Individually handcrafted by specially trained artists, this bag is hand sewn to perfection. With literally thousands of cascading Swarovski crystals on a 26" crystal strap embellished with crystals adorning the bag, this Spacia designed handbag has an additional seven strands of crystals that hang from the body of this bag. Talk about taking the bling and bejewelled factor to a whole new level in terms of handbag design. Available for a whopping $2400 via Vivre

Well, I don't know what you, my fellow BagAddicts think, but I think it's much too over the top for my liking. Plus, with that many crystals, it's gotta feel as if you're lugging a chandelier on your shoulder. BUT, if it were to be used as a hanging ornament to decorate your white wall at home, OR as a collector's item because you've never seen a bag like this before, then I don't mind getting it.

Do You Love it Or Hate It?? We wanna hear from you!

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