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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Presenting: Fashion Week: Prada S/S Collection '08

Presenting: Prada's Spring/Summer Collection 2008 right off the runways of Milan Fashion Week

Well well well.. I have to say that I'm not at all pleased with Prada's S/S '08 Collection. Yes, I know that it's for Spring/Summer next year, and those seasons are all about colours and brights, but MUST they be put TOGETHER? Ok, if Miuccia Prada insists on putting the brights together to form one bag, at least choose complementary colours and not contrasting mismatched colours. I notice that this is a trend amongst the designers who showed their Spring/Summer 2008 Collections at Milan Fashion Week this year - Pucci, Marni (which I will be featuring these few weeks) and the rest are all doing it in similar styles!

The Verdict: Bagaholic Babe is appalled. I guess it only takes one bad apple to contaminate the rest! With Pucci, Marni, etc doing similar mismatched colours in similar styles (perhaps the only difference is they use different shapes for their geometric patterns?!). The disease has spread like wildfire! There's just now way of putting it out!! The result for Prada's mismatched colour palette with the use of stripes is a common thread that binds the whole collection together is a collection that in Bagaholic Babe's opinion has come off as rather clownish and jester-ly (yep, I'm talking about the Palace 'jokers' that entertained the Kings during Medieval times - looks exactly like their costume, methinks..)

Perhaps the only standalone pieces that I sort of like are the first 2 bags above, which look like they are a canvas for works of art..

What do YOU think?

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