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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dualism Personified -- New Fendi B. Mix Range

The brains behind this New B. Mix Range isn't Lagerfeld, but Silvia Venturinini Fendi, the woman who shares the Head Designer Position with Lagerfeld - the same woman who designed Fendi's iconic 'Baguette' Bag in the 90s (in which SJP's character 'Carrie' in Sex and the City had made even more popular, using different versions of the bag, be it sequinned, beaded, etc in TV's most fashionable series to date). My fellow BagAddicts may remember the scene in which Carrie was mugged and when asked for her bag, she slowly handed over, emphasising that it wasn't a bag, but a 'Baguette'.

Fendi B. Mix Large Bag, available for $1,040 via eLuxury .

Once again, Fendi Makes history. For the first time ever, Fendi combines both of its signature jacquard logo prints - the Zucca (the Big 'FF' Monogram designed in the 80s) and the Zucchino (small 'FF' monogram designed in the 60s). The Result: the concept behind the dualistic nature of Fendi's New B. Mix Range. Canvas was used to trim Canvas and instead of leather, and for a lighter feel, Venturinini opts for a rubber alternative to create the main body of the bag. According to Venturinini, This New B.Mix Range was created because Fendi hadn't created a logo bag for a very long time. After working mostly with leather for the Fendi's iconic 'Spy' Bags and 'B' Bags, she figured that it was time that the brand return to its roots, hence both the signature 'FF' monogram.

Hmm..could this be Fendi's Latest 'It' Bag?

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