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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'It' Bag List - Paris Fashion Week S/S '08

As always, alongside the New York and Milan Fashion Week, I present you the 'It' bag list for Paris Fashion Week S/S '08 collection. This coming season, you'll notice colors - lots of colors. Colors are in.. and so is leather. Exotic Leather. Paris's S/S '08 collection spots items that goes spectacularly well with your LBD because of its strong (and most often than not, solid) colors.

Take the 'Hand-painted Clutch' by VBH, for example. It's so colorful, it can be a standalone - minus the accessories and it's enough to take other's breath away.

And what about the 'Graphic Clutch' from Christian Dior? It's luxurious ponyskin as well as it's unique design gives others the idea that there is none like it. Definitely an accessory to carry on a dinner date. Be the envy of others while your beau serenades you.

(Images from Style)

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