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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Presenting: Marc Jacobs S/S '08 Collection

Presenting: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Collection 2008
(Images via Style)

We're all used to seeing Marc Jacobs and his quilted leather structured bags more often than not, and for most of us, that sort of look has become synonymous with the designer himself, his trademark look. For Marc Jacobs's Spring/Summer '08 Collection, as shown at Olympus Fashion Week this week, there seems to be much less quilted leather bags. Instead, Marc Jacobs's usually simple and functional-looking bags have taken an interesting twist, in terms of both colour and design. For his S/S'08 Collection, transparency seems to be a key theme, as we saw oversized quilted frame purses with Granny Purse Kiss-Lock Closures attahed onto square netted (hence, transparent) totes with leather trims (that look a little Hermes-like on top). This season, Marc Jacobs also experiments with floral prints, and bright flourescent, psychedelic colours, especially for his Evening Clutches. Oh perhaps yet another key theme for MJ's S/S '08 Collection is Amphibians, as most of his bags sport Amphibian (or baby frog) detailed Closures.

The Verdict: Bagaholic Babe doesn't really like MJ's Day bags for this Collection (except maybe for the first bag above). The floral bag with the extremely long tassels draping down from the frame bag leaves me speechless. In fact when I first saw that, it reminded me of the Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Bucket Bag with the suede and leather fringe trimmings from the 2005 Collection, which was also designed by MJ himself. Ok, enough about what I don't like in this collection. Let's move on to things I absolutely Love! If given the chance, I'd love to get the Evening Clutches with the Gold frog closure in every single colour and material available! Love all the bright flourescent colours! Pair it with your standard LBD and you will definitely funk up your look. A definite statement bag and a great conversation starter too!

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