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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Newsflash - Anya Hindmarch Goes Green (Environmental)

Green is the new Black

Did you know that every person in this country (UK) uses an average of 167 plastic bags every year - that's 10 billion bags altoogheterl. Each one of these bags can take years to break down in landfill.

We wanted to do something to make a difference and inspire people to change their everyday actions. The result is this bag.

We have worked with 'We Are What We Do', the global social change movement to create this limited edition bag. You can get yours for just £5.00 (yes, £5!) from our UK Stores and online from the middle of March.

The bag will also be sold at Collete in Paris, Dover Street market in London, through Net-a-Porter and Villa Moda in Kuwait. and from April 25th, the bag will be available in 300 Sainsbury's stores.

Wear your bag to do your shopping, carry it to the gym, tote it to the beach, smug in the knowledge that you are doing something to influence people to make a difference.

This is a Limited Edition Bag. Pre-Order now to ensure you are one of the first to wear it. Payment will not be taken until stock arrives in March.

Pre-Order yours today from Anya .

Source and photos: Anya

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