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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love It or Hate It: Prada Pizzo Satchel (Runway Collection)

I've always been a fan of Prada. But Bagaholic Babe knew, from their Fall/Winter 2008 showing at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year, that this coming season would NOT be one that I will be looking forward to. Why? Well, simply because everything from their F/W '08 is made of Lace. I've never been a fan of lace, not even on my clothes (plus the fact that I'm allergic to lace helps because my mum wouldn't have dared to put me in anything lacey when I was young due to the fear of me breaking out in a rash all over) simply because it looks well, rather erm...granny-ish, imho. I may be a total girly girl, but lace really isn't my thing. I thought the lace bags (mostly in black) were distasteful enough, but let's just say that what I saw at Prada's Milan Fashion Week show did not at all prepare me for THIS...

Yes, now that you've seen it, it's a Showstopper in every way isn't it? Pity it isn't for the right reasons. This my dear BagAddicts, is the new 'Pizzo S' satchel that is made of nappa leather with lace overaly and ruched details on its edges. Man, this may definitely be a bag that only Morticia Addams from the Addams Family would carry. My dear Miuccia, what exactly were you thinking? I guess for 2 years now, Prada's Fall/Winter stuff seem rather err....peculiar. Last year it was the fringed nappa tote that resembled an Afghan dog from afar, and this year, its THIS... or rather, the lace collection in general. I guess F/W aren't really inspiring times for the House of Prada as Spring/Summer collections are milestones better. Ah well, what can I say. Fashion has its ups and downs and not everyone has to agree. Beauty, after all, is in the eyes of the beholder...

For those of you who disagree with me, this Prada 'Pizzo S' satchel can be Pre-Ordered for $1,995 via Saks .

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evie said...

i actually LOVE this bag, and am considering whether to get it or not. i get what you mean by it being granny-ish but i guess you can now call me a granny! :)