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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Presenting: Fendi's Fall Trunk Show F/W '07

Presenting: Fendi's Fall/Winter Trunk Show 2007

Here are some of the bags from Fendi's Fall/Winter 2007 Trunk Show. I've only chosen a few bags from the F/W '07 Collection to write about, mainly the new shapes and designs that are new to the House of Fendi. Of course, there are the regular Classic Fendi Bags, such as the Chef bag in Patent Leather, etc, but I've left these out because they are not new shapes. The bags pictured here are slightly more innovative - channelling the edgy, Deconstructed vibe. Most of the bags can be converted into clutches for the evening, however, Imho, the bags from this collection aren't necessarily fantastic looking.

First up, the the Raddica Boston Bag

Following in the footsteps of Louis Vuitton, this F/W '07 Season sees Fendi experimenting with the Patchwork style. Utilising its signature printed Zucca jacquard canvas and a super-sized logo jacquard canvas with brown vinyl trimmings, there's only one word to describe its look: Deconstructed. Pre-Order this bag for $1595 via Neiman Marcus.

Next, we have the Convertible Zucca Bag

Similar to the Raddica Boston Bag above, this Convertible Zucca Bag is also in the patchwork style, using a combination of the Zucca Jacquard, the super-size logo Jacquard Canvas and Brown Vinyl trimmings. The bag converts into a flap clutch (shown below)

Like this bag? Pre-Order it for $1,600 via Neiman Marcus.

Remember the Woven Crossword Tote from Fendi's Spring/Summer 2007 Collection? Well for this Fall/Winter season, the Woven Tote now comes in Super-sized Zucca Jacquard. Well, I've never really been a fan of this Woven-styled tote (ok, in fact, not at all), but compared to those from this year's Spring/Summer Collection, if I absolutely had to pick which one I like best, then I guess it'll have to be this one. Get this for $1,470 via Neiman Marcus.

This 'To You' purse is Similar in style to the Convertible Zucca Bag above, minus the deconstructed patchwork. This 'To You' purse is a combination of taupe suede and leather, with tortoiseshell trimmings. Below is how the bag looks when it's folded over into a clutch.

Pre-Order this 'To You' purse from Neiman Marcus for $1,595

Also from the 'To You' Collection, this Convertible bag is available in Ivory (shown) Multicolour (shown) and Black. I'd say the Multicolour 'To You' Purse is the probably the only bag I like from Fendi's F/W '07, and coming from a Fendiholic herself.. I've been raving about this Multicolour 'To You' Bag since I saw it at Fendi's lacklustre F/W '07 Showing at Fashion Week. It's finally available!! Whoopee! Get this for $1300 via Neiman Marcus.

Last but not least, the Shearling Shopping Chef Bag. For, what F/W collection would ever be complete without something in Shearling? Besides fur, Shearling is the other must-have in every F/W Collection. This F/W, Fendi's Classic 'Chef' Bag is made of Ivory knit and given a Shearling coat, trimmed with dark brown leather and brown beading details. Like all Fendi Chef Bags, this Shearling Chef has Fendi's cutout logo charm. This is called a 'Shopping Chef' Bag because unlike Fendi's signature Chef bags with flap top closures, this particular one is open-topped. Pre-Order this seasonal bag for a hefty $5,040 from Neiman Marcus. In stores in late October.

Whether you Like the bags featured and would like to Pre-Order them; or just to have a look at the complete Fall Trunk Show Collection, Click Here!

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