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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Presenting: Fendi Fall/Winter 2007 Collection

Err.... Fendi showed a rather....*ahem* Interesting Collection for their Fall/Winter 2007 Preview at Milan Fashion Week

Apparently, live chickens and dead birds are in, and can be used as handbags nowadays...Who knew?

Fendi Box Clutches that Add colour to your dark-hued Fall/Winter wear.

Bagaholic Babe loves the one in Green! Yummy!

If you have been following my posts regularly, you'll know that yours truly is a total Fendi-holic! But this collection is downright dissapointing, and well, the dead birds have left me speechless. The only bags i like from this collection are the colourful box clutches and the last 'Colour Block' bag that gives off that Artsy Fartsy Mod vibe. Nice to still see colours in winter when everything gets dull and sombre. ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE the last bag! In fact, in Bagaholic Babe's opinion, the colourful box clutches and the last 2 bags above saved Fendi's collection this Fall/Winter 2007 and made the 'dead bird and dead turkey' bags somewhat forgivable.

2 Fetishes Unleashed!:

Lareina said...

i find the second bag to be the most disturbing of the lot...egads.

Bagaholic Babe said...

Hey babe!
Yes i know! THat's why I christened it the 'dead bird/dead turkey'. =P