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Monday, June 18, 2007

Splurge of the Week!

We all know that Nancy Gonzalez specialises in Croc and Alligator bags. But, I haven't seen a Ruched Alligator or Croc Tote, because as I can imagine, it must be pretty tough to achieve the Ruched look for such a tough exotic skin. And because of that, this, the Ruched Crocodile Satchel by Nancy Gonzalez get's picked as this week's Splurge of the Week! Very rarely do I favour Nancy Gonzalez's bags, because they look too structured for my liking, but this one looks so feminine and classy! The woven detail on the straps blends in well with the drawstring sides on the bag. Bagaholic Babe is loving the bag in Cream Caiman Fuscus Crocodile(shown). However, if you prefer a more practical colour, go for the one in Black Caiman Fuscus Crocodile. Get this feminine bag for $3,450 via Neiman Marcus

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