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Friday, March 30, 2007

Presenting: New Collections -- Louis Vuitton Polka Dots Navy

Today's Featurette is the Polka Dots Navy Line from Louis Vuitton's 'Show Spring 2007' Collection.

Like all the bags from Vuitton's 'Show Spring 2007' Collection, the Polka Dots NavyLine also has creased-finished brass hardware. The bags from this line utitlises linen and stonewashed monogrammed canvas with stripes and are trimmed with hand-creased grained leather for a buffed and more rugged look. Instead of colourful Polka Dots like the one we saw in the Polka Dots Fleurs line, the Polka Dots NavyLine is embellished with Black hand-riveted Polka dots. Like all the other Polka Dots Collections (Polka Dots Panema and Polka Dots Fleurs from Spring 2007), this collection is stamped with Louis Vuitton's 'Trunks and Bags' Logo.

Polka Dots Navy - 'Corsaire'

Detail Closeup of Decorative Padlock and Crease-Finished Hardware

Detail Closeup of Polka Dots and striped monogrammed canvas.

The 'Corsaire' from the Polka Dots Navy line can either be worn on the shoulder or hand carried. It has a decorative padlock with a leather key bell. Retails for $2,500 Euros .

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  • 1 Fetishes Unleashed!:

    Anonymous said...

    i love e design. funky and cool. is so me. pestering my mom to get one now. so i can get to inherit it. whoa. but i really love e bag. dont know u.
    i am quite sick of monogram, denim, vernis etc etc... glad that marc decided to come up with something different. eventho some of the bag is not my type. no they are not ugly. is just that they are not my type.
    i came across this article, the writer said that, no bags are ugly, is just the matter how you mix and match the outfits and the bags, most importantly how you carry it off..
    the most not fancies bag could be the most stunning one if everything was perfectly done. i agree i agree. ugh. time to do work now. ugh