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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Presenting: New Collections Louis Vuitton Monogram Dentelle

Louis Vuitton has added a few new collections to its ever-expanding family. From Vuitton's 'Show Spring 2007 Collection' is the Monogram Dentelle. If you wanna view the other new collections, check back in during the next few days, for I will be featuring the other 'Show Spring 2007' Collections - the Polka Dots Panema and the Riveting Collection.

Todays featurette is the Monogram Dentelle line, as seen in LV's latest ad campaign for Spring-Summer 2007, featuring Scarlett Johansson. Louis Vuitton's iconic signature Monogram Print is taken to a new level..this time, with embellishments, details and embroidery. The Monogram Dentelle line was inspired by 18th-Century style lingerie lace that adorns the bag, thus creating a rather romantic look. Floral embroidery on the Monogrammed Canvas (using lurex thread) also adds to this Romantic feel. And also new to the brand this season (also seen in the other lines which will be featured in the next few days), is the hardware, which sports a creased-look finishing. Below are 3 bags from the Monogram Dentelle Collection - The Speedy 30, the 'Fersen' and the 'Kirsten'.

Monogram Dentelle Speedy 30 - $950Euros

The Monogram Dentelle 'Fersen' Shoulder Bag - named after Axel de Fersen
Retails for $1650Euros

Monogram Dentelle 'Kirsten'
The 'Kirsten' was named after, and pays homage to Hollywood actress, Kirsten Dunst.

Monogram Dentelle Closeup - Creased finished Hardware, lingerie lace and floral embroidery

I don't know about you my fellow BagAddicts, but this Monogram Dentelle Collection is not my cuppa tea. A tad overcooked and overdone for Bagaholic Babe's liking. Bagaholic Babe doesn't mind the creased-finished hardware, but apart from that, prefers the Monogram Canvas line without the embellishments and embroidery.

What do YOU think?

Tomorrow: Louis Vuitton Polka Dots Pamena

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