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Monday, March 26, 2007

Presenting: New Collections -- Louis Vuitton Polka Dots Panema

Today's Featurette is from Louis Vuitton's 'Show Spring 2007' Collection: the Polka Dot Panema line.

The Polka Dot Panema line, in Bagaholic Babe's opinion, is not your common LV type of bag. In fact, it doesn't look like anything LV has done thus far! So yes, change is good! ;) Especially when it looks as pretty as this!

The Polka Dots Panema line utilises Linen and Stonewashed canvas, Monogram Acetate Viscose Lining (see pic below), Canvas Trimmings and the new creased-finished hardware that we saw in yesterday's featurette, the Monogram Dentele Line. And of course, not forgetting the main detail on the bags from this Polka Dots Panema Line, the Polka Dots are stamped with Louis Vuitton's 'Trunks and Bags' Logo (see last pic for detail closeup). Other details seen across all the bags are the removable ID tag, lock and key and bell charms.

Polka Dot Panema - 'Big Steamer' inspired by the Italian Arte Povera Movement.
$2,200 Euros

Polka Dot Panema - 'Bowly' $1,700 Euros
The Bowler Bag is a new shape for LV, as first seen in their Epi Leather Line this year.

Bowly - Interior View: Monogram Acetate Viscose Lining

Polka Dot Panema - Tinkerbell, inspired by the Peter Pan fairytale, is a combination of femininity with Romanticism

Detail Closeup - Polka Dots stamped with Louis Vuitton's signature 'Trunks and Bags' Logo and creased-finished hardware

Bagaholic Babe's Verdict: My absolute favourite collection from all of LV's Show Spring 2007 Collection. Bagaholic Babe's absolute favourite pick is the 'Tinkerbell'. Kudos to this collection on a job well done, Marc Jacobs! ;)

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