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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Presenting: Gucci Fall/Winter Collection 2007

Again, that Old World Charm vibe is everpresent in this collection like so many other designers' F/W Collections this year and Gucci is no exception.

Gucci's Fall/Winter Collection 2007 at Fashion Week showcased a collection of bags similar in shape to Gucci's classic range of Boston Bags. In fact, it's safe to say that the main focus of Gucci's entire Fall/Winter Collection 2007 was on this Bag. Ditching the brand's signature Logo 'GG' monogram in favour of a diamond-shaped design running throughout the bag on the canvas ones, this bag is also available in Alligator. In Bagaholic Babe's opinion, with the chunky leather trims and Golden logo Medallion, This season's oversized Boston bag seems more apt for the more mature jet-setter.

Hmm, this last standalone Hobo seems more ME compared to the rest of the Collection.

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