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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Presenting: Chloe Fall/Winter Collection 2007

Presenting Chloe Fall/Winter Collection from Fashion Week.

Since Chloe's 'Silverado', a series of 'It' Bags have been unleashed season after season, so much so that we seem to expect an 'It' Bag to be featured every season. The Silverado, The Paddington, the Edith, and the Bay Bag from this year's Spring/Summer Collection. However, this Fall/Winter Collection has been rather disappointing, as it looks like it's catering to a much more mature audience (read 'aunty-ish'). Hence, I do not forsee a possible 'It' Bag, or something even remotely close to achieving 'It' Bag status.

As I mentioned earlier, like Exotic skins, that Old World Vintage look from the Second World War Era seems to be back - We saw it with Marc Jacobs's Fall/Winter Collection 2007 and Dior's Fall/Winter Collection 2007 amongst others. However, I must say that those have modern twists to it. The bags from Chloe's F/W Collection 2007, however, seem as if they've been taken straight out from the WW2 Era without much modifications to vamp up the back. In other words, a rather lacklustre collection. Could this be due to Phoebe Philo's (who came up with the Paddington we're still talking about) departure from the Brand?

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