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Friday, November 7, 2008

Emilio Pucci S/S '09

Yet again another wonderful collection out of a long string of collections we're gonna look at from other designers very soon. Rather than the usual separated Spring/Summer collection and Resort/Cruise collection, looks like Pucci has combined both of it to give you this...

It's really no wonder why they'd put together such a collection since the island was the birthplace of the house of Pucci some 40 years ago, although, the founder himself, Emilio, might not recognise the collection to be a descendant of his own.

Signature graphic and swirling prints, like the one above and the ones below, give you different shades of orange, pink, blue, yellow and white to give you a vibrant outcome that absolutely reflects your days in the summer.

The tote with double handles (above) is a perfect illustration of what I'm talking about. Perfect for the summer, you'll definitely have what you need right by your side. Although, I am unsure about what the weight of it would be like. I've had one of those before and I can assure you it isn't one of the lightest bags I've had.

The ones below, however, are a much safer bet. With bright colored signature prints showing off itself in the netted carrier, you're sure to like this one. Although unique, you'd wanna think about how you're gonna find your stuff in a bag like that. Lol!

Oh, did I forget to mention that handles are the colors on Nemo? Or would it be more precise to say it looks more like an Apricot Orange Pueblan Milk snake?

Moving on, there is the oval framed sling which, well, I feel, doesn't stand out in a crowd of colorful totes.

Next up.. One of my favorites from the collection. Isn't it divine?

And the pochette.. It resembles a honey comb! How cute!

Last but not least, the framed clutch. Very oriental!

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