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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana S/S '09

I love pictures. Lots of them. And I know our readers do too. And I'm proud to present you with a wide range of bags from Dolce for Spring! Not to mention, you're in for a lovely surprise ;)

If you're liking embellishments, well, this is it, really! Every single piece has been jazzed up to give you one of the best collections for the season (in my opinion).

This Spring introduces the collection "Pigiama Barocco" - a collection where Dolce "literally shone, loaded with sequined embroideries and gold chains (a smart proposition for toting a purse as a piece of jewelry)", says Style magazine writer, Sarah Mower.

Scroll down to have a look!

By now, I'm sure you would've noticed that most of the collection are made up of shoulder bags. Oversized ones, to be specific!

The embellishments are so colorful and full of flavor, with all the different types being introduced into the collection. Even the shoulder straps are different for each piece - some plainer and others, well, more hip and happening. However, I'd like to point out the ones with beads - the multiple straps put together - well, that one's gonna be a bit of a problem. Reason being.. they'd probably get tangled up easily and I so wonder how they're gonna sit on the shoulders - especially for those who have drop shoulders (like mine!). I've owned one of those before and they're extremely uncomfortable. So if you ever think of getting those, make sure you put something in it to carry and test it out before you actually purchase it or it's gonna be a white elephant sitting in the corner of your closet. What a waste that'd be!

Anyway, I'd like to talk about this greyish shoulder bag right below. Sorta reminds me of the Fendi "dead bird" they killed which Bagaholic Babe posted about many seasons back! Don't you agree with me it looks pretty similar, Bagaholic Babe? Haha ;)

Am really liking the one below. Simple (looks like suede to me) yet hip because of the straps. Not over the top. Goes well with just about anything!

Here comes the chunkier embellishments..

Am loving the straps on the bag above. The embellishments, however, aren't too appealing. Looks like those mosaic tiles they have in the toilets of modern homes nowadays. In fact, if it got any bigger, it'd look like mahjong tiles! And funnily enough, somehow, the bag looks very.. oriental. Hmmm.. could it be because of what the model's wearing? I don't know!

But the one below, I'd say is very ethnic. Not very me!

This one below's really plain, don't you think? Think it'll go well with bright colored prints - just like the one you see in the picture!

Hmmm.. very funky, very funky indeed. Love the flower!

And this one.. It's one of my favorites! Pretty, not over the top and roomy!

Oh dear, talk about being LOUD! Think it's for one of those hip and happening nights out on the town - painting it RED! But with those straps? ... I don't know!

First look at the one above.. it reminded me of a pet carrier! Lol..

Last but not least, my favorite from the entire collection..

Need I say why?

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