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Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Spring 2009 Accessories from Paris

As always, at the end of every round of Fashion Week, we share with our viewest the best picks for the season. And we're glad to present with you the best selections for Spring 2009 from Paris.

The Space-Age Wristlet

Metallic crocodile wristlet with chain strap

Looks more suited for the winter season rather than the summer, don't you think? It gives me the icy feeling somehow.

The Logo Bag

Leather tote bag

Nothing I'd wanna own. It's makes me feel as if I'm a free walking advertisement for Chanel rather than being a fashion statement. That's SOOOO totally uncool!

The Western Bag

Suede top-handle tote with fringe detail

Nice. Kinda reminds me of the Babouska Gucci made a while back. Don't think this bag'll work for me though. Top handles on the flap makes stuff hard to reach for (if you know what I mean)

The Slouchy Tribal Bag

Louis Vuitton
Leather monogram bag with cord and bead detail

What can I say about the slouchy tribal bag, you ask? Just THREE words! Yucks, yucks, yucks!

The Price-Conscious Shopper

Renaud Pellegrino
Nylon tote bag with bead detail

So they've named it the 'Price-Conscious Shopper'. So they're saying it doesn't have a huge price tag to this? Really? Although it's really colorful but somehow it looks kinda dull, don't you think? Colorful yet dull? How odd!

The Patchwork Shoulder Bag

Roger Vivier
Exotic patchwork shoulder bag with metal hardware

This one's simply fantastic. Love how they've made a patchwork bag out of what looks like python and lizard in few but bright colors! Not to mention, it looks very art deco as well :)

The Chain-Mail Wristlet

Yves Saint Laurent
Leather wristlet with chain strap

Last but not least, something that looks very cool. So simple yet so fun! Think it'll go with just about anything, don't you agree? :)

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