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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Spring 2009 Accessories from Milan

As with the roundup for Paris Fashion Week, we give you, today, the roundup for Milan Fashion Week. Indeed, they're the most unbelievable stuff you've ever seen (both in a good and bad way). Tee hee hee. And for the rest of you who missed Fashion Week, well, you'll get to see what caught the eyes of the people right on this post *winks*

The Drum-Shaped Wristlet

Bottega Veneta
Flat round metallic leather zip-top bag

First up is the Bottega zip-top bag which is both cute and funny! It's cute because it DOES look like a cute lil drum haha but heck, how do you go around with one of those?

The Jewelry-Like Bag

Dolce & Gabbana
Coral and sequin-embroidered crocodile bag with necklace shoulder chains

This is so overdone. Not for me, no thank you!

The Canvas Tote

Emilio Pucci
Canvas tote with orange and printed leather trim

Absolutely LOVEEEEEE this one! Love the fact that it's framed, not overdone yet still has a hint of Pucci in it! Three cheers for Emilio Pucci! Hip hip hurray!

The New Exotic

Top-handle python bag

Love this one too. It's one of those that have grown on me over the course of these few weeks. I think it has style and character. Not to mention, very unique too!

The Heritage Bag

The revamped Jackie shoulder bag

Goodness gracious! The title's definitely fit for it. 'The heritage bag' they call it. And under the Gucci brand? So un-Gucci. Being a huge fan of their's, I'd have to say I give them a 1/10 for this one! Boo!

The Waterproof Bag

Neoprene shoulder bag in neon coral

Nice one from Tod's. And in a new color too! How pretty! No reason to not look hip and happening even during the rainy season like we have in the tropical country of Malaysia!

The Metallic Leather Clutch

Rectangular mirrorlike metallic leather clutch

Last but not least, this Valextra metallic leather clutch which we've seen over and over again. It's nothing to shout about really. It's been done again and again and what's there to say except... BORING! I don't mean to be a Meanie but don't you think Valextra's a little behind time in their designs? Hehe

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