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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chloe S/S '09

If in the past, you've had your eyes on the Paddington as well as the other wonderful designs they've come up with, you'll be glad to know we're posting on Chloe today.

In the coming springtime, expect color-blocked bags with gilt frames and chains. Hannah MacGibbon aims to "cleanse the palate" and de-complicate fashion for young women in her very first collection this Spring.

Expect to see a new Chloe very soon as the designer is at work in realigning the Chloe brand identity.

Like what you see? Am definitely liking the shape of the tote in the second picture. Gives me lots of space to store my stuff so I'll never leave anything behind when I'm out. Although.. I'd really think it over before purchasing something like that as it's nothing really to shout about. As for the aubergine shoulder bag with chain straps.. It reminds me of what grandma would carry in the olden days!

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