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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chanel S/S '09


Be surprised at what you're gonna find in Chanel boutiques this coming Spring. Be very surprised because I'm pretty it'll shock you.

The theme this Spring was inspired by a grayish portrait by Marie Laurencin, who painted Coco Chanel in the twenties. The show started with pretty nice 2.55 bags in tweed. Looking for elegant than ever are the models strutting down the runway with such beautiful pieces. Am loving the white and grey piece, by the way ;)

But then, look at what cane down the runway after..

Definitely not very wise turning the 2.55 and carrying it lengthwise. How does the bag even function that way.. Ewww! I'm a HUGE fan of Chanel's! Yet, I've to say it was a bad bad idea. Love the white leather 2.55. Simply gorgeous! But turning it around and carrying it this way? Karl Lagerfeld must've run out of ideas somehow!

By now, you must've guessed that the collection is very much black and white. Great choice but look at what other disasters they made!!

They can't have believed that they'd fool us to think those are pretty. Whether it's made of leather or plastic, they can't fool us into believing carrying THESE are arm candies! I suppose they were thinking.. 'Since our customers can't come into the store daily to buy something, let's make them look and feel great carrying our bags around daily'. Not to mention, Karl's not very imaginative this season..

What an eyesore!

Thankfully, towards the end of the collection, it got better! It's nothing to shout about really but at least.. It's FAR improved than what we just saw. Don't you agree?

The bag styles tend to be repeated - just like the ones above. The only difference is in the switching of colors. A no brainer!

Anyway, I'm counting my blessings cause it ended well. If it didn't, I'd stop paying attention to what they're coming up with in the future.

Thankfully, their evening wear was accompanied by beautiful clutches with detailing that left the viewer wanting more.

The collection is overall a very horrific experience. Definitely, Karl'll need to work on what's good and what's not!

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