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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christian Lacroix S/S '09

Lookout for everything bright and bejeweled this coming Spring as Lacroix has a collection of clutches that comes with lots of fine details. With colors ranging from black, earthy tones like beige and browns to bright yellow, you'll definitely be on the spotlight for the evening.

Am loving this simple beige clutch with sequin details. Simple yet elegant. Just the thing to go with an LBD. As for the one right below, well, think it reminds me of those one dollar coins we used to have here in Malaysia. Not very nice..

Think the one above's really pretty as well with the big flower on it. Very pretty. Very pretty indeed. Definitely gonna make a fashion statement with this one!

And of course, oddly enough, a wicker basket with leather handles. Talk about it sticking it out like a sore thumb!

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