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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christian Dior S/S '09

Looks like loads of designers are moving backwards - coming up with smokin' hot collections that reflect the 1980's. According to reliable sources, many do not think well of this incoming collection by Dior and I guess it doesn't help not having enough pictures to do them justice should they be wrongly perceived. Sorry guys for the lack of pics!

Since we're not getting much pics showing the new Spring '09 collection, I've included a short video clip of the Dior Spring '09 review for your viewing pleasure.

Christian Dior S/S '09 Video Review

So what d'ya think? So says Galliano, this Spring, Dior is introducing lots of texture into their collection. This includes perforated and studded leather as well as mosaic looking designs on the front.

My verdict: an absolutely boring collection with too many different textures combined. The colors are dull, the design looks horrid. I wouldn't recommend any of those for this season. Too pricy for such a bag like this. It doesn't make sense to spend so much for such a horrid looking thing.

P/S: Am so in loveeee with their evening gowns!

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loozegear said...

I think I am gonna OD on these bags they are beautiful