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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Miss Marc' Oversized Tote

For seasons past, the caricature seen on Marc by Marc Jacobs bags was the very scary looking voodoo doll-like 'Katie'. For this Fall/Winter season, the new caricature that adorns Marc by Marc Jacobs bags is the very cutesy-looking 'Miss Marc'. As this bag is from the Fall/Winter Collection, 'Miss Marc' sports a snowflake shirt. I must say that I've seen the actual bag, and the pictures below don't do the bag much justice at all because it's so much cuter than the photos foretell.

'Miss' Marc Oversized PolkaDot Tote - Interior View

Made of canvas and fastened with a magnetic snap closure, this oversized polkadotted tote has bow-detailed knotted handles that add to the bag's already cutesy look. You'll be glad to know that this bag can be worn in 3 ways! Apart from the square tote above, the sides of the bag can be folded in so that you have a more triangular sorta look that would resemble the shape of Fendi's Bag De Jour. In addition to that, this bag is also reversible. When reversed, the outer side will sport Marc by Marc Jacobs signature logo print (as above). Hm, this bag may seem like a overly huge day bag, but it looks good on the shoulder! Plus, it's great for travelling! This Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Miss Marc' Polkadot Oversized Tote comes with a very affordable pricetag - just £112.34! Available via Net-a-Porter.

In fact, Bagaholic Babe is thinking of getting one!! It's just way too cute to resist..It's available in Malaysia at Isetan@ The Gardens, MidValley for RM899 and there was only one piece available! Hopefully it's not gone by the time I go there...

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