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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bargain of the Week!

As promised, there'll be lots of very fun and unusual stuff coming your way. And for this week's bargain, we've got you bag accessories!

This week's bargain features two zipper pulls - both by Juicy Couture.

Juicy Couture Logo Heart Zipper Pull

Made from rasant velour, this green zipper pull has a pink crest and the "Juicy Couture" logo embroidered on the front.

Juicy Couture Cherry Zipper Pull

The cherry zipper pull, however, is of crystal velour and has the word "Juicy" embroidered on the front - in PINK! It also has green leather stem and leaves! Oh how sweet!

Both zipper pulls come with silver-tone hardware and pink lobster clips with chain detail. These zipper pulls look ultra cool on your bags but if not, it'll look just as great as a keyfob.

As you might have already guessed, I'm liking the cherry zipper pull. Not just because it's pink and pink happens to be my favorite color btw.. lol.. but it's only going for $35.00!!

To find out more, head on to Neiman Marcus today for more info on this item.

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