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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Presenting: Oscar De La Renta's S/S 2008 Collection

The Spring/Summer Shows 2008 has kicked off with New York Fashion Week, aka Olympus Fashion Week! Today, we at Bagfetish Unleashed bring to you Oscar De La Renta's S/S '08 Collection

Bagaholic Babe has noticed 2 things: Firstly, that Exotics such as Snake and Croc are still very 'in', and that De La Renta is riding on the Ethnic/Tribal-inspired vibe that Dior sports in their F/W '07 Collection. I won't keep you BagAddicts in suspense any longer, so feast your eyes!

(Images via Style)

The Verdict: The collection is just passable, nothing to really rave about. The first 2 photos above (Python Ombre Tote) is something De La Renta has done before in Turquoise Python for his '07 S/S Collection, albeit in a different shape, so that isn't really new. Don't really like the Ethnic/Tribal inspired stuff, perhaps because Bagaholic Babe isn't particularly fond of this sorta look, so I guess you can call it a biased opinion on my part. But something that really threw me off is the ruffled bag with python trimmings (see last photo). What's Up with THAT?! *shrivels with disgust*

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