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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alexander McQueen for Samsonite

Alexander McQueen Collaborates with renowned Luggage and Travel Goods maker, Samsonite Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Black Label (Samsonite's Luxe Range) Collection of Luxury Travel Goods and Luggage. This Luxury line features McQueen's creations from Trolley Hardcase Bags and Beauty Cases to Garment Bags and Passport Holders. This Luxe line comes in Leather and Croc skin textured and Printed leather to create the illusion of Luggage and Travel Bags in Exotic Skins.

Passport Holder $99

Women's Boarding Bag $555

Beauty Case $435

Croc 24" Spinner Upright $875 - features multidirectional spinner wheels, enabling the bag to be pulled from any angle.

Garment Bag $600

Hero 20" Upright $750

Men's Boarding Bag $600

Wanna view the complete Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Collection? Click Here!

2 Fetishes Unleashed!:

Ayush said...

I recently purchased a handbag from Maxwell Scott, it is an amazing piece.
I have been using it everyday and have forgotten all those popular brand offerings.

Ayush said...

My pocket doesnt allow me for these products, though I would love to try them.
I recently bought one from which fitted my pocket.
I am liking it though.