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Monday, May 21, 2007

Kate Spade Painted Satchels

I've always had a soft spot for Kate Spade Bags, and I'm sure if none of you have heard of Kate Spade before Sex and the City, by now, you're probably familiar with this designer. Anyway, I digress. From her Spring/Summer '07 Collection, the World War 2 Painted satchel - bags that actually look like works of Art!

You might be curious as to why it's called the World War 2 Satchel. Well, the reason is that during WW2, soldiers painted their bags so that they could be easily identified. So, drawing from that influence, these painted satchels have been replicated using distressed leather and aged hardware to give the satchel a rustic, vintage and antique look and feel.

Rose - Front

Roses - Back View

White Floral - Front

White Floral - Back View

Blue Floral - Front

Detail Closeup - Buckles given an aged, rustic, and Vintage feel.

This World War 2 Painted Satchel comes in 3 different designs and colours - Each is bag is uniquely Hand-Painted so no two bags are the same. It's hand-painted on both sides, so if you don't want to carry it with the buckles facing outwards, you could flip it over and you'll have a tote instead of a satchel. (see pics above).

If you're interested in either owning a piece of history or your very own 'piece of Art', get this WW2 Painted Satchel by Kate Spade for $395 via Kate Spade Online