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Monday, May 21, 2007

Splurge of the Week!

This week's Splurge of the Week is the yet another Exotic Skins pick - the All Matte Crocodile Tote (made from the Caiman Fuscus crocodile) by Nancy Gonzalez. It's perfect if you're thinking of investing in a bag for the office to hold your office documents and what-have-yous. If you're not a fan of Yellow, you can choose Espresso (deep, dark brown), as perhaps this colour is more versatile and 'timeless' - hey, if you're forking this amount of money on a bag, it better not be 'out' next season 'innit? Then you're probably asking why I featured the tote in yellow then. Well, one simple reason really - Cos it's Spring/Summer so I opted to feature it in Yellow instead of Espresso. This Nancy Gonzalez All Matte Croc Tote retails for $3,650. If you're interested, either to purchase or to check out what the tote looks like in Espresso, Hop on over to Neiman Marcus