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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Derek Lam Shoulder Bag with Combination Lock

Hmm, yet another Padlock-ish detailed Bag, albeit a very small one compared to the padlock on the Paddington.

Like the 'Boomerang' Bag by Tods this Derek Lam Jutta Bag with Chain Link Strap has a slip in flap. But hey since Derek Lam is the Creative/Artistic Director of Tods, the similarities are perfectly understandable right? This sturdy looking structured bag comes with a zippered bottom so that the bag is expandable. The bag is fastened with an aged brass Derek Lam combination lock, so it's theft resistant! How inventive is that? A lock that actually serves a purpose, but in Bagaholic Babe's opinion, the lock is a tad too small. Perhaps a bigger lock would look much better. But having said that, this is definitely function and fashion in one bag! ;) *wink* Get this bag by Derek Lam, who's on his way to being the new IT bag designer, for $1,100 via eLuxury

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