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Monday, March 5, 2007

Presenting: Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter Collection 2007

Presenting the Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter Collection 2007 hot off the Fashion Week Runway.
(Images from Style)

Bottega Veneta's Artistic/Creative Director, Tomas Maier looks as if he's heading in a different direction this Fall/Winter 2007. The brand, reknowned for its woven leather bags, seem to be heading into uncharted waters. This Fall/Winter 2007, we see less of the usual leather woven bags as this season, it seems to be all about Exotic skins like Python, Alligator and Ostrich. Also unusual for the brand is its completely leather (not woven at all!) bags and some with studded details! Could Exotics and Leather Bags with Details be Bottega Veneta's 'New Wave' That, my fellow BagAddicts, we shall have to wait and and see, won't we? *winks* ;)

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