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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Presenting: Prada's Fall/Winter 2007 Collection

It's all about Clutches for Prada this Fall/Winter 2007!

(Images from Style)

Looks like Prada's focus for this Fall/Winter is Clutches and Zippered bottoms on all the bags! Is Prada trying to make their bags more functional (ie expandable) with the zippered bottoms?
Err what Bagaholic Babe doesn't get is..... what's with the slip in hand pockets on the clutches?? Reminds me of the square clutch from Fendi's Spring/Summer 2007 Collection. (Yes, the very one i christened a CD case).. :P

And what's with that furry looking clutch? Looks like they killed a dog and used its fur for the bag.

The Verdict: I'm sorry, this collection does NOT get Bagaholic Babe's Vote!

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