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Monday, March 5, 2007

Splurge of the Week!

Ostrich Flap Shoulder Bag cum Tote by Ferragamo

I'm a big fan of Exotics, and yes, Ostrich in particular. I usually don't take notice of Ferragamo's bags because it seems as if they cater to a more mature consumer base, BUT...the moment I laid eyes on this Ostrich Shoulder Flap Tote, it was love at first sight. In a beautiful shade of Cream, this Ostrich Tote by Ferragamo from its Spring-Summer Collection 2007 is the epitome of what an understated bag should look like - utterly timeless! And easy to match too! It's big enough for you to tote to work, and also for casual daily use. But the downside is that along with the Tote comes a hefty price tag - a whopping US$7,900!! Get this at your nearest Ferragamo boutique, or via Shop Vogue

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