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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pink Patent Fendi 'B'

Ever since the 'B' Bag was launched, Bagaholic Babe has been an ardent fan. My absolute Favourite 'B' Bags are, in no particular order, the Leopard 'B', the canvas 'B' with the Blue Patent Buckles and Details, and...Bagaholic Babe's latest obsession *drumroll* this 'B' Bag, from Fendi's current Spring/Summer 2007 Collection - the Pink Patent 'B'!!! *squeals in delight*

A sucker for all things pink, this is just too sweet to resist, and in the right shade of Pink too! Those of you who know Bagaholic Babe well enough will totally agree with me that this bag is just So ME! *teehee* This bag is ultra-feminine, perfect if you wanna bring out the girly girl in you! ;) *winks*

Get this Pink Patent 'B' Bag by Fendi via Barneys New York for $1,750

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