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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yummy!! Alexander McQueen 'Novak' with Floral Motif

Alexander McQueen Leather Novak with Floral Motif

Bagaholic Babe is not really a fan of Alexander McQueen's iconic 'Novak' Bag, but this is too yummy-licious to go unnoticed! I have fallen IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with this particular 'Novak'. It's so different from the other boring 'Novaks' (imho the completely leather ones are the most boring). The Crochet Novak in Green I featured last month was interesting, but this is so much more beautiful especially with the applique butterfly detailing on the laser cut leather which gives the onlooker an illusion of a 'flying' butterfly. Get it for £863.83 from Net-a-Porter now!

Its so pretty that Bagaholic Babe sleeps, eats and dreams of this bag since ever laying eyes on it! I'm officially smitten! It's now officially at the top of my wishlist. Way to go McQueen, for bringing back Romanticism in a world of plain leather bags!

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