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Thursday, February 15, 2007

HOT BAGS: Cuffz by Linz Bags

I know this brand isn't exactly all that new. In fact, it's been around for quite awhile - around 2 years or so to be exact. But, I thought that I'd share this with you guys, especially those of you in Asia as I'm sure you guys haven't really heard about this or seen this around town. Probably the only part of Asia that it's popular in is Japan.

Celebs like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson were seen carrying these Cuffz by Linz bags around town when the brand was newly launched. These Cuffz by Linz bags don't exactly look like your average designer bags. In fact, they're naughty looking, if you catch my drift *winks*. Cuffz by Linz bags have a very noticeable feature - there's a huge handcuff placed on different parts of the bag, depending on the design you choose...and yes, even the men's bags.
Bags like these are very popular, especially with girls who love partying.

The bags have six different collections - 'Barfly', 'Oh Bondage!', 'Duchess Clutch', 'Rebel', 'New Carry-All' and 'Men's Bags' - each Collection represents a different styled bag. Besides these, they do jewellery and Accessories too.

Bags from the 'Barfly' Collection are hobo bags, and are named after Drinks (each drink represents a different colour) - There's the 'Martini', 'Johnny', Cosmopolitan', 'Manhattan', 'Champagne Tattoo', 'Jack', etc.

"Finally, a handbag designed specifically to meet the needs of the party girl in all of us!! It's simple: the key is on your zipper, so just cuff the bag to your wrist (an instant eye-catching, ice-breaking accessory) and let the bag sit on the bar. That way, there's no chance you'll misplace your valuables even when you're a few cocktails into your evening."
quoted from

Here are some of the bags from the 'Barfly' Collection

'Cosmopolitan' in Metallic Pink, 'Martini' in Metallic Silver, and 'Champagne Tattoo'
Bags from this collection retail for $165 at Cuffz by Linz.Com Other Colours Available.

Bags from The 'Oh Bondage!' Collection are named made to sound like the 7 Deadly Sins - Sin, Greed, Vanity, Lie, etc

Here's what the website says of this collection: "C'mon ladies, you don't need an instruction manual for this one!! Basically, you're carrying around a set of handcuffs with you at all times. What you do with them is up to you and whoever is lucky enough to wind up your captive! (*note: CUFFZ does not condone using handcuffs for unsafe or criminal purposes. Behave, girls!!)"

'Sin' from the 'Oh Bondage!' Collection retails for $225 at Cuffz by Linz website . Other colours available.

And for the 'Duchess Clutch' Collection, the website says: "Polished, classy, demure . . . this diminutive, sophisticated spin on the bondage-esque Barfly bag combines edginess with chic and a refined sensibility. A "hot little number" for a hot night out, this sweet little bag holds just the basics: your lipstick, the cash/cards, and perhaps a petite cell phone."

'Duchess Clutch' in Gold, retails for $165 at Cuffz by Linz website . Other Colours available

I'm not a fan of the 'Rebel' and 'Carry All' Collections, but you can view them at the Official Website .

And for the Men, we've got the Men's collection. The Men's Collection consists of Messenger Bags and the Website says: Rugged masculinity radiating from an urban-chic accessory! Who'd have thought?! It's a manly answer to the issue of "the man bag". Each individual bag is made from its own full skin of imported Italian cowhide, and each bag is constructed entirely by hand: from the hand stitching to the hand-pounded rivets. The bag is sturdy enough to tote your laptop, and stylish enough to wear on the weekends!"

The Black Hand-Stitch Messenger Bag retails for $495. Available in Black and Brown, and in Hair Calf and Leather. To view the complete Men's Collection, Jewellery and Accessories Collections along with all the other collections featured in this post or to purchase these bags, go to Cuffz by Linz Official Website

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Lareina said...

me likey the white duchess clutch...hinting as possible bday pressie to pple! hahaha. saw some girls on purple mascara talk about this brand before...

Bagaholic Babe said...

aiya knowing you, you'd prob use it for other stuff hahahah ;)