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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Presenting: Prada S/S '09 Collection

Presenting: Prada's S/S 09 Collection

Miuccia Prada promised us a simple back-to-basics collection, and simple, it is.

The Verdict: This collection is a tad too simple for my liking. With the use of solid, earthy tones, this collection doesn't really feel like a Spring-Summer collection at all, but more like Fall-Winter. Hm...This season's collection is very basic, with crinkles, creases and drawstrings as its theme. Exotics such as python are used here and there, but the shapes of the bags seem to be identical, regardless of the materials used. Bagaholic Babe, a lover of bright colours feels that it's a tad too plain and not summery enough. I used to be a fan of Prada, but with last F/W and this coming S/S collection, I might change my mind soon...

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