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Monday, November 3, 2008

Presenting: Marc Jacobs S/S 09 Collection

Presenting: Marc Jacobs S/S 09 Collection

"Born To Be Wild" or "Out of Africa" best describes MJ's collection for S/S 09. Not only do we see LOTS of exotic prints and animal prints, but also wildly mismatched colours!! Besides that, MJ's underlying philosophies in creating this collection, in Bagaholic Babe's opinion, are contrast, textures, and colours. The key shape of the season also seems to be the messenger as well as smaller-sized shoulder slung bags.

Get ready as Marc Jacobs has unleashes the Exotic kingdom unto us, often with a few of them exploding onto just a SINGLE bag!! The key detail of his collection seems to be padlocks and tassles.

I like the this one though... love the touch of red! 

Here, he adds on to his current collection of Quilted bags, are some in messenger style, with padlock and exotic (lizard) skin detailing. A new element to the quilted range would be the ones with sequin details

The Verdict: Well, in Bagaholic Babe's opinion, MJ is trying to do too much with this collection! There really isn't a thread that binds the collection together as a WHOLE.

The quilted bags are more classic looking, whilst the ones with sequin details and rope straps may add a touch of glam and sparkle to your outfit.

The multi-flapped bags with contrasted textures and exotic skins with exotic skinned tassels all in one just prove to be too much for my liking! I mean, pony hair + lizard skin + python + suede + leather all in ONE bag?! It may be fine if it's in one colour, but all those details and textures PLUS contrasting colours and tassels all in ONE bag is just well, an eyesore. One really doesn't know where to look and what to focus on when you lay your eyes upon it because there is just TOO MUCH going on! However, one thing I do not doubt with all the exotic combinations is well.... the price tag, of course! Just using one type of exotic skin already costs a bomb... imagine the use of 3-4 AT ONCE..!

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