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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New addition to Balenciaga family

The "Motorcycle", the "Twiggy", the "Brief", are all Balenciaga bags that we have become familiar with and accustomed to. Despite the fashion industry being incredibly unforgiving, these "It" bags have survived, and weathered the seasons - "It" bags survive for a few seasons, but these bags have stood the test of time, achieving a somewhat cult status in the fashion world. And now, the latest addition to this ever-expanding cult brand's collection is the new "Pom Pon" bag.

Pictured above is the Arena Giant Covered Pom Pon bag in white, with white hardware and studded details. The white on white hardware definitely gives the bag a minimalist appeal. If you want something that says 'understated chic' then this would be it. Made of wrinkled distressed lambskin with drawstring closure, it comes with a removable shoulder strap. If white isn't your colour, this bag is also available in Red, Dark Green, and Black. Retails for $1,895 at Barneys New York

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