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Monday, July 28, 2008

Splurge of the Week!

Judith Leiber Henna Box

Check out today's splurge - an ethnic inspired design covered in rhinestone/dark camel Austrian crystals. A signature with the Judith Leiber brand, you'll find the design carries the henna detail - originally used to adorn young women's bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze age in the eastern Mediterranean as well as other parts of the world.

The earliest mention of henna being used was in the context of marriage - which has references to women marking themselves with henna in preparation to meet their husbands. In consistent with the henna markings, they are normally found on the nails, palms and soles of the bride. Although beautiful, henna can last a very long time without coming off so if you're looking for an alternative to replace what you won't find on ur body, the Judith Leiber Henna Box is an option for you. If we don't hear wedding bells coming your way, well, it's still a pretty piece to own..

To find out more about the Judith Leiber Henna Box, check it out at Neiman Marcus today.

The Judith Leiber Henna Box is available for purchase via Neiman Marcus at $3,595.00

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