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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Marc Jacobs New Calfskin Suvi

A very unique yet pretty shoulder bag, the Sethi Stripes Suvi Bag is the new addition to the Marc Jacob collection.

Extremely soft in nature, the calfskin is the perfect choice for a chic look which accomodates loads of room in the bag as well. The bag comes with polished silver metal hardware, rolled leather handles and a flat leather shoulder strap for alternative use. The multicolored leather panel that comes down the front and back makes all the difference as it brightens up the back almost immediately. The front flap opens with the turn-lock to fine textile lining and an interior zipped pocket.

Marc Jacobs Sethi Stripes Suvi Bag

You might've noticed, at a glance, the bag is unusually long.. if compared to other shoulder bags. A roomy bag, nonetheless, with great looking folds near the handles but could it be a little difficult to reach for stuff when you need to? And also, I'm sure the bag looks great as a shoulder bag but I think it'd be even better as a messenger. What do you think? Not forgetting, I think the color (green) is different yet goes well with most outfits. How cool!

Also available is the cola (brown) if the green's not for you. You can purchase it via eLuxury at a price of $1,250.00.

To find out more, visit eLuxury today.

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